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Scottish Independence - More Heat Than Light?
Is the Scottish independence campaign driven more by emotion than by solid realities?

What might it mean for the future of Scotland and the rest of the UK?

Mal Fletcher discusses this with David Prever of BBC Radio.

Added 16/03/2014

Future of Crimea, Ukraine
What does the future hold for Crimea and Ukraine as the former moves closer to Russia?

What is Vladimir Putin's ultimate strategy and goal?

Social futurist Mal Fletcher discusses this with BBC Radio's David Prever.

Added 16/03/2014

Politics is an Over-Used Word
Are we prone to give politics too much airplay in our society?

Does this impact on how we approach problems and challenges? What do we mean by 'politics'?

Social commentator Mal Fletcher discusses this with host David Preven and fellow guest Elsa Dawson on BBC Radio.

Added 16/03/2014

Malaysia Airlines MH370 - A Cultural Problem?
Does the response to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 indicate a cultural problem within the company, the government and possibly the nation itself?

Mal Fletcher discusses this with BBC radio's David Prever.

Added 16/03/2014

Neknominating - Why it's Here and How to End It
What is neknominating and why does it pose such a huge danger to the health and wellbeing of young people?

Mal Fletcher looked at the major questions surrounding this troubling extreme drinking trend in this interview on BBC Radio.

To read Mal's article on this issue, click here.

Added 12/02/2014

Mega Cities, Mega Regions, Cloud Cities
What does the near future hold for the world's cities and mega-cities?

What are mega-regions and Cloud Cities and why do they matter? What are the challenges with each, especially in relation to digital isolation?

Respected social futurist Mal Fletcher speaks to these questions in this clip from an address to community and civic leaders at the Institute of Directors (IOD) in London.

Added 29/01/2014

Prison and Parental Responsibilities
A 58 year old British man has been convicted of selling drugs but given a suspended sentence because he is a stay-at-home father to his twenty-second child, by 11 women.

Should people in this situation be able to avoid custodial sentences on the pretext of raising a child? What is the implication of this case on wider community perceptions about justice and parental and personal responsibility?

Social commentator Mal Fletcher, chairman of 2020Plus, addresses this and other questions in this interview for BBC Radio. Mal is speaking with Mike Parr.

Added 10/01/2014

The Year of Big Service
As business and civic leaders kick off their ambitious plans for 2014, what will be the major drivers behind success throughout this year - and the next? , , Social futurist and chairman of the 2020Plus Think Tank, Mal Fletcher, speaks to this in this interview with Future Radio in the UK. , , This year, he says, will be the year of Big Service, with new approaches to Big Data, ssocial innovation, the 'new' ethics and people empowerment through collaboration. Mal is speaking with Susanne Anderson. , ,

Added 09/01/2014

Should School Kids Tip Teachers?
A new study has revealed that 1 in 5 Brits will not tip for anything, anywhere. Only 1 in 8 say they will always leave a tip in a restaurant. , , Is this a reflection of a healthy attitude to service in society? , , Meanwhile, many teachers receive "tips" in the form of gifts from children (or parents) at the end of the year. Is this healthy, or does it encourage in children a skewed sense of what gratitude is? , , Mal Fletcher answers these and other questions in this interview with BBC Radio's Mike Parr. , ,

Added 11/12/2013

Are Girls Right to Feel They're Victims of Sexism?
Are British girls facing a future filled with sexism and misogyny?

Is sexism abating in the UK, or is it on the rise?

A new study by the Girl Guides revealed that a large number of girls feel they are already experiencing sexism. Mal Fletcher addressed the issue in this interview for BBC radio.

Added 29/11/2013

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Dear Mal, I was introduced to your ministry through Rhema Church, Jo'burg. In this age of confusion you bring across a lot of sense. You are giving me tools and insight.
Dietana, South Africa

You are right that we often shrink back from fully expressing our convictions because it puts us "out there". We must realise that the world looks at us at the same time as they hear us. We must learn the lessons & press on.
Eme, United Kingdom

I would pay any cost, and travel any distance to attend these MasterClasses! Absolutely essential material for any leader!
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