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Robert Mugabe - Election Thief or Legit President?
Reports suggest that Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe, has once again "stolen" an election.

What motivates Mr. Mugabe, as he clings to power after 33 years at the top? He and Nelson Mandela came from similar backgrounds and in the beginning of his tenure Mugabe was seen as a statesman. What went wrong in Mugabe's case?

And what might the near future hold for South Africa?

Social futurist Mal Fletcher responds in this BBC Radio interview with host Will Gompertz.

Added 05/08/2013

The Future of Twitter
What does the future hold for Twitter and social networking generally?

Is it just a fad that is doomed to go the way of the dinosaur?

Social futurist Mal Fletcher shares a quick response in this clip from an interview on BBC Radio, with host Will Gompertz.

Added 04/08/2013

Test Cricket - Any Future?
In the age of short attention spans, does Test cricket have any meaningful future?

As the third Test in the 2013 Ashes campaign gets underway, what is the outlook for the long form of the game and for Australian cricket?

Mal Fletcher, British-based broadcaster (and Australian) gives his perspective, as an avid fan of the game. This interview clip is from BBC Radio, with presenter Will Gompertz and fellow-guest Ed Allen.

Added 04/08/2013

Will Prince George Be "Defender of the Faith"?
New born Prince George may not become king until around 2068, but when he eventually ascends the British throne, will he be known as 'Defender of the Faith'?

Or will that term have ceased to have any meaning in a secular age? What might the future hold for the monarchy?

Mal Fletcher, Social Futurist and Commentator, looks at these questions with BBC Radio's Jonathan Cowap.

Added 30/07/2013

Prince George - Defender of Faiths?
When he eventually ascends the British throne, will Prince George be known as Defender of the Faith, or will that title and all it implies be a relic of the past? Will he become Defender of Faith, with a pluralist overtone?

Mal Fletcher, Social Futurist and Commentator looks at the issues involved, with Charles Nave on BBC Radio.

Added 29/07/2013

What Exactly is a Futurist?
What does a Futurist do?

Mal Fletcher, Social Futurist, answers this question concisely in this brief clip from a much longer interview on BBC Radio.

Added 29/07/2013

Will Religion Influence Future Monarchs?
Will the British monarchy continue to be closely linked with religion and particularly Christianity, as it is under the present Queen?

What role will globalisation and multiculturalism play in potentially changing this?

Mal Fletcher, Social Commentator and Futurist, looks at these questions with Helen Legh on BBC Radio.

Added 29/07/2013

Male Only Sports Clubs
The Muirfield Golf Club in Scotland plays host to the 2013 British Open. The club does not allow women to become members.

Should male-only sports clubs be banned? Should they host prestigious international tournaments? What are the wider issues and questions involved, beyond the world of sport.

Social Commentator Mal Fletcher responds in this interview with BBC Radio's Mike Parr. Other guests also feature.

Added 19/07/2013

Exaflood Education
We're living in the age of the Exaflood, says social futurist Mal Fletcher.

The increasingly rapid flow of huge amounts of data across the globe is opening up amazing new opportunities in the world of higher education.

This clip is taken from an address given to a large crowd of London community leaders in May 2013.

Added 05/06/2013

The Happiness Index
The Better Life Index, published by the OECD, surveys 34 member nations plus some partner states, looking at 11 areas of satisfaction and happiness.

In 2013, Australia has once again emerged at the top of the list. Why are Australian's relatively happy? Is it just about the climate?

And why are Scandinavian nations also within the top 10 of the world's happiest nations?

Mal Fletcher, the social commentator, offers some insightful explanations in this interview with BBC Radio.

Added 29/05/2013

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