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It's Not about Image

21 February 2018 Print version    PDA version    
John 8:32 'Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.' (NIV)

So many people today seem to believe that if they can achieve some kind of celebrity in their world, they will lead a really significant life. But celebrity is largely about image and image can be dangerous! It works against the power of truth. For one thing, image destroys families. Julian Lennon, son of former Beatle John, reportedly said: 'The only thing I ever learned from my dad was how not to be a father.' Image also warps your sense of who you are. Marilyn Monroe said, 'I seem to be a whole superstructure without a foundation.' Image is just a poor substitute for what you and I really want and that is influence! They've told how generation that we are children of monkeys -- then they wonder why people act like animals. They've told us that there is no right to wrong -- then they wonder why people look confused. They tell us that there is no heaven or hell -- and they wonder why people just live for the moment. They tell us that there is no higher purpose in this life -- and they wonder why we have a problem with suicide! The simple fact is, you and I possess something that no animal has: the drive to be significant, to be somebody, to have influence. It's in our wiring. We were designed to change our environment more than it changes us! Don't settle for image and all the baggage it brings. Seek after Godly influence with all your heart and watch your life take on a new dimension.

Prayer: 'Father, I don't need to be famous to make you famous. Help me not to be drawn into a life of image-making and empty role-playing. Help me to be real so that my influence is not based on something shaky and uncertain, but on the favour that you put upon my life.'

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The strength of EDGES is that it explains it's argument in logical steps without the usual emotive language. If all the logical steps are present and correct, it is difficult to disagree with the point being made whether you are a Christian or not. You give a balanced argument.
Ben, United Kingdom

We've all been affected to some degree by this latest news of terrorist activity. Yet what an opportunity to share the GOOD news with those who are looking for answers!
Ann, Australia

Thank you for MasterClass in Riga, I really enjoyed it! God bless you!
Marco, Latvia

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