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A Life Of Exhilaration

17 December 2018 Print version    PDA version    
Psalm 40:8 'I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.'

Some years back, I spoke at a conference alongside a remarkable woman called Jackie Pullinger. Jackie had grown up in England but one day felt a call of God to leave everything and travel to Hong Kong. She didn't really know too many people there and wasn't exactly sure what lay ahead. All she had was a sense of a very strong call from God that just would not leave her. Years later, Jackie is recognised as someone close to a saint in Hong Kong's most desperate quarter, it's slum city. Everyday, her and co-workers who've come to join her from around the world reach out to the drug addicted, the sex-crazed, the poor in an effort to show that the love of Christ reaches even the darkest, grimiest corners. You might think that living in that environment would be depressing. Not for Jackie. I heard her describing some of the horrors she'd seen, but she was quick to add, "You know, I've never had more fun!" Jackie has discovered what the Psalmist knew – that doing the will of God for our lives is nothing short of exhilarating; it is totally desirable, a delight.

Prayer: 'Lord, I know you have great plans for me. Help me to obey your call even if it seems to be taking me in different directions than I'd planned. I know that's the only way to have a life filled with exhilaration!'

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Mal, you've totally inspired me to be more active about the media world I'm in. I'm trying to find more ways to use my media skills to help people meet God. It's people like you that have been the spark to start this explosion. Thank you, I'm in ranks with you...
Isaac, United Kingdom

I really appreciate this ministry! I think you are a very important tool in the world today & for Christians. I'm so encouraged by the teaching!!
Jonas Päivärinta

I often check out your recommended reading section, which includes some excellent books. There's a new title which I highly recommend: 'Simply Christian' by N.T. (Tom) Wright (Bishop of Durham)...
Ann, Australia

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