Next Wave International Next Wave International™ is a faith-based communications group which is
training organizations to engage the future & move society forward
in a positive direction. Founder / Director: Mal Fletcher
For more information about MasterClass, including dates, venues, topics, featured speakers and FAQs, visit MasterClass Online.

MasterClasses are days of intensive Advanced Level leadership development, featuring:
  • in-depth teaching in a systematic format
  • interactive learning
  • the opportunity to sharpen your understanding of the particular theme
  • guest speakers from around the world
MasterClass is designed to equip and empower leaders, pastors and emerging leaders to relate Christian truth to contemporary cultures in a way that is relevant, prophetic, real and creative. They are hosted in key cities in conjunction with major churches and leadership networks and feature world-class teaching on:
  • Communication
  • Media
  • Generations
  • Cultural shifts
  • Leadership
  • Church Planting
MasterClass is much more than a seminar or conference - it is a unique, intensive leadership experience. Attending a MasterClass will:
  • inform you about major trends in society, and how the Christian message can connect with these
  • inspire you through contact with other pastors and leaders who are bringing change to their cities
  • impart to you a spirit of pioneer faith and strategic vision for your church, organisation and region
"MasterClass is an excellent opportunity for Christian communicators to explore ways of sharing the gospel more effectively. I was infused with a whole new boldness!"
Alistair Gibson, God TV, UK

For more information about MasterClass, including dates, venues, topics, featured speakers and FAQs, visit MasterClass Online.

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Your Feedback
Having heard Mal speak at Hillsong Australia, I paid your websites a visit. I find your EDGES programs inspiring and educational. Thanks.
Anon, Australia

For Mal Fletcher: thank you kindly for the nice words about my book, "No Time To Think: The Menace of Media Speed and the 24-hour News Cycle". Glad you enjoyed it and felt a need to comment on it.
Charles, United States

Mal, the Lord gives you deep and important insights into many current issues. Thanks for being faithful to him.

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