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US Primaries 2016 - An Experiment Too Far?

By Mal Fletcher, posted 16/03/2016

Should Britain Stick With The EU?

By Mal Fletcher, posted 05/02/2016

David Bowie: Artist But Not Prophet

By Mal Fletcher, posted 16/01/2016

Why Don't People Stop To Help? Is Tech To Blame?

By Mal Fletcher, posted 17/12/2015

Oppose ISIS But Don't Credit Anonymous

By Mal Fletcher, posted 08/12/2015

Paris Attacks Give Us Pause For Thought

By Mal Fletcher, posted 14/11/2015

The NUS and the Transgenderism Debate That Wasn't

By Mal Fletcher, posted 30/10/2015

Refugee Crisis Demands Pragmatism and Compassion

By Mal Fletcher, posted 19/09/2015

Britain's New Old Labour - When Idealists Give Way to Ideology

By Mal Fletcher, posted 15/09/2015

The Queen - A Living Lesson in Privacy Management!

By Mal Fletcher, posted 09/09/2015

Unemployment Boot Camps - Bad Branding, Potentially Good Idea

By Mal Fletcher, posted 17/08/2015

Cannabis Decision by Durham Police - Nonsensical

By Mal Fletcher, posted 22/07/2015

Future E-Toll Style Technologies Challenge Economy and Ethics

By Mal Fletcher, posted 14/07/2015

Extending Sunday Trading - Economics Over Ethics

By Mal Fletcher, posted 07/07/2015

Greek Financial Crisis - It's About More Than Money

By Mal Fletcher, posted 30/06/2015

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Just wanted to thank you for your fantastic talks at Faith Camp. I've been going for years and have heard many speakers. I found you very refreshing from the "norm", whilst highly entertaining. Your TV programmes helped my wife in her early development as a Christian.
Tim, UK

Mal, I enjoyed the MasterClass this past weekend held at The Living Room in the USA. You spoke into my life & your words are a true blessing to me as a growing leader.
Todd, United States

I heard Mal speak at the Emerge Conference in Brisbane. Thanks for reminding us that Gen-Xers can create, build and mould the world NOW by being proactive rather than reactive.
Kabamba, Australia

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