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Chips Under The Skin - 'Convenient' but not Wise

By Mal Fletcher, posted 26/05/2015

UK Election Raises Immediate Questions

By Mal Fletcher, posted 08/05/2015

Not Voting Mistakes Anarchism for Activism

By Mal Fletcher, posted 30/04/2015

TV Election Debate Reveals Limited Choice

By Mal Fletcher, posted 17/04/2015

UK Election Debate - Why Is British Politics So Fragmented?

By Mal Fletcher, posted 02/04/2015

Do Online Protests Work? Reflecting on Jeremy Clarkson saga

By Mal Fletcher, posted 25/03/2015

Why Classroom Sex Education Fails Teenagers

By Mal Fletcher, posted 11/02/2015

Auschwitz and the Wisdom of Crowds

By Mal Fletcher, posted 27/01/2015

Is Society Becoming More Extreme?

By Mal Fletcher, posted 20/01/2015

New Fascism Revealed in Paris Shootings

By Mal Fletcher, posted 07/01/2015

Divorce Day Needs A Rethink

By Mal Fletcher, posted 06/01/2015

Keep Christmas A Shop Free Zone

By Mal Fletcher, posted 17/12/2014

Persecution - More Than A Religious Issue

By Mal Fletcher, posted 05/11/2014

Apple and Facebook Should Not Commodify Pregnancy

By Mal Fletcher, posted 16/10/2014

Trolling Makes Us All Truman

By Mal Fletcher, posted 06/10/2014

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I read Mal Fletcher's comment on the Jokela Shooting in Finland. He seems to be very well educated on the Finnish mentality... I got saved earlier last year & before I knew God I was in darkness & used to have same kind of thoughts this shooter had. I can only pray that God will heal this country with his Spirit.
Matti, Finland

Hi, we use Edges DVDs at events for non-christians.
Ursula, United Kingdom

Man this site rocks! I get fired up on this site every week and challenged by the daily recharges, but the best thing is to see how you guys are finding ways to communicate Jesus to today's people in a way they can get it. I've got plenty of ideas from you for my service here in Japan. Keep it up!
Taneli, Japan

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