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Auschwitz and the Wisdom of Crowds

Posted 27 January 2015

On this the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in Poland, we should perhaps take time to reflect on humanity's potential for inhumanity. 

History testifies time and again to the fact that whilst we, as a race, are capable of reaching the noblest heights, we also have the potential to plumb the lowest depths. We forget this at our peril.

My own generation, the once ubiquitous baby boomers, have never known war on the scale of the two bloody conflagrations... Click for more

What’s your view?

Do You Usually Trust the Wisdom of Crowds?



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Get Some Exercise!

28 January 2015

Exercise is an integral part of keeping your motivation levels high. Nobody doubts the importance of physical exercise, and watching what we eat and drink. But few people take much time for spiritual exercise. To stay motivated, we need to develop a daily dialogue with God. That will involve reading the Bible and meditating on what you read, allowing it to meander through your conscious mind... Click for more

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Leadership & Life

Millennials - Your Most Valuable Resource

And Why They Can Be So High-Maintenance

Not too long ago, TIME magazine dubbed young adult Millennials the ‘ME Generation’.

At the same time, the New York Times chipped in with its own epithet: the ‘Entitled Generation’.

Certainly, a number of employer surveys conducted in the US, Europe and Asia suggest that this is the consensus of opinion among CEOs.

Yet other studies reveal that 70 percent of Millennials – aged between 16 and 33 years – volunteer their time for good causes... Click for more

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Mal Fletcher answers in this lecture to students at ALC Leadership Academy, UK.

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A great article on 'Hybrid Stem Cell Research'! It is not only highly relevant to current research but also shows how just a little initial compromise will eventually cause an unstoppable downslide in ethical standards with irreversible outcomes.
Ann, Australia

I want to pray for you and your vision and activity of kingdom faith. I would also like to participate in your leadership conferences.
ngouandji-israel, Congo (RC)

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