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Why Classroom Sex Education Fails Teenagers

Posted 11 February 2015

ALMOST HALF TEEN GIRLS COERCED INTO SEX. Some polls are not worth leading.

A new UK-based international report into sexual behaviour places England at the top of four other European countries for adolescent sexual coercion and violence.

The report, which sampled 4000 children aged 13 to 17, shows that hundreds of thousands of teenage girls in Britain are being coerced into sexual activity by a boyfriend.

The study, undertaken by Bristol’s School for Policy Studies, shows that two in five girls aged... Click for more

What’s your view?

In your view, should parents be more involved in sex education with their children?



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Build a Boat, Noah

04 March 2015

The famed evangelist Oral Roberts has said that, 'faith is living on the edge of insecurity.' Faith heroes always challenge the perceived wisdom. In one way or another, they are not 'normal' by most people's standards. God told Noah to build a boat. 'Great,' said Noah, 'what's a boat?' 'You know,' came the reply, 'one of those things you use when it rains a lot.'... Click for more

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Leadership & Life

Big Data, Big Collaboration, Big Wisdom

3 Ways to Engage the Big Collaboration Revolution

What do NASA, Lego and President Obama have in common?

In their respective areas of leadership, they all demonstrated an early appreciation for the mass collaboration culture inspired by the internet.

Some years ago, NASA started enlisting thousands of helpers it refers to as ‘Click Volunteers’. 

These people, operating mostly from their personal computers at home, are playing a small but important role in building NASA’s information base. They help NASA map the surfaces of planets and the movement... Click for more

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Is British Society Becoming More Racist?

News about a racially inspired incident involving Chelsea football fans in Paris has raised again the question of whether racism is endemic in British society.

Is it surprising to read stories like this about British people? Is British society becoming more racist?

Mal Fletcher answered these and other questions in this interview with BBC Radio's Mike Parr.

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