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Assisted Dying - A Question of Misplaced Trust

Posted 17 July 2014

On Friday the House of Lords will debate legislation which would, if passed, make assisted dying legal in the UK.

The argument over assisted dying and its bedfellow, euthanasia, is not a new one.

For centuries, philosophers, ethicists and theologians have debated whether an individuals has the fundamental ‘right’ to commit suicide.  The idea of legally empowering another party to assist in the process, to actually inject a chemical that ends one’s life, is an extension of that debate.

In our time the... Click for more

What’s your view?

Should Assisted Dying Be Legalised?



Daily Recharge

Guarding the Gates

30 July 2014

Do you remember what you were like before you gave your life to Christ? Some people would say, 'No, I became a Christian when I was just a child. It's hard to remember much before that time.' Others, though, will remember exactly what they were like before Jesus entered their lives. And they'll quickly tell you how they've changed for the better. Once we meet the... Click for more

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Leadership & Life

How The Internet Has Changed Leadership

What 25 Years of Web Culture Means to Your Leadership

Yesterday, to celebrate the 25th birthday of the World Wide Web, I used the WayBack Machine site to peek at the earliest iterations of one of my own websites.

Undoubtedly I was proud of it at the time. It was first set up in 1996, if memory serves me correctly, and the first version listed on the Machine was from 1998.

By today's standards, of course, it is positively cringe-worthy. It looks like something a cave... Click for more

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