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EDGES Launches On Seven Network, Australia

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Some gr8 news for our Australian friends!

The EDGES with Mal Fletcher TV programs will be seen on the Seven Network across Australia throughout the summer, starting November 24, 6:00-6:30 am.

This is a breakthrough in Australia, where media are heavily influenced by secularism.

EDGES with Mal Fletcher is a colourful, fast-paced TV program which takes a fresh look at the social issues that shape the values of today's world and the lifestyles of tomorrow.
It presents a positive Christian response to the most pressing problems of our time, in a way that marks a radical departure from the norm of 'Christian TV'.

Next Wave International, producers of the program, are proud to announce that it will be showing on the Seven Network throughout Australia, on Sundays at 6 am, from 24 November 2002. The programs are sponsored on Seven by Christian Television Australia.

'We're living in the age of webs you can surf on, sheep you can clone and chips you can't eat. It's a confusing world, where images bombard us everyday and different opinions vie for our attention.' So says Mal Fletcher, the creator and host of EDGES.

'As much as we'd like to escape the real world, there are some questions that need to be answered, because they will shape our values and our future.'

Hosted by an Aussie, EDGES is produced in Europe and features many of that region's most scenic backdrops and most colourful people. This program is truly global in its flavour and its reach. Shaped for the huge Generation-X adult audience (22 to 38 years of age), EDGES is now seen in 70 nations around the world.

Each half-hour program deals with hot issues such as Globalisation, Technology and Alienation, Ecstasy, Racism and Xenophobia, the Search for E.T. Intelligence, Credit and Debt and more.

In Europe, where many people lay claim to being 'post-Christian', the show receives a very positive response from people in many walks of life. People who don't normally take an interest in Christian perspectives are attracted to the show because it presents a clear viewpoint that is pro-people rather than anti-issues.

One of the most often heard responses to the show from people in the street is, 'I'm not a Christian but you guys really make me think!'

Mal Fletcher has a special interest in seeing the programs broadcast in Australia. Born and raised in Melbourne, Mal and his wife and children now live in Northern Europe where he leads Next Wave International, a major mission to Europe. Mal was the key pioneer of Youth Alive Australia and its first national director, before leaving Australia in 1994.

You can view a clip from EDGES at and photos to accompany this release can be downloaded from

If you would like any further information about EDGES and its launch on Seven, please contact: Andrew Hale or Gary Rucci. Phone: +61-8-8322-2888 E-mail: or
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