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Death of Wynne Lewis, Christian Pioneer - VID

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Wynne Lewis, renowned British evangelical church leader and pioneer of new approaches within the pentecostal wing of the church, died a few days ago whilst in transit in Paris.

Rev. Lewis was a mentor to many younger men and women in ministry, and a highly respected statesman of the Christian faith to thousands who knew and appreciated his ministry across the world.

A gifted and inspirational preacher, he was often heard challenging accepted norms of thought and practice, prodding the church, as prophets do, to move forward and engage the times.

For years, Wynne Lewis was the senior pastor of Kensignton Temple, one of London's most well-known evangelical churches. He was also head of the national Elim church movement.

Mal Fletcher, director of Next Wave International says: 'Our thoughts and prayers are with Wynne's family and those close to him - and with the Elim fellowship of churches in the UK and worldwide.'

'Wynne was a man of unusual faith and stamina, with a very clear prophetic eye on what the church needs to be in order to impact its world.'

'The fact that he died whilst still on the road, on a ministry trip, is a sign of how he lived - always on the move, always keen to do more. He was a pioneer for whom I have the utmost respect.'

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