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Bradford Church Defies Trends

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The Abundant Life Church in Bradford, UK, continues to build a strong, pro-oactive and community-minded Christian presence in one of Britain's most multi-cultural communities.

Bradford has a large Muslim population, yet this church has become one of the UK's fastest growing.

Mal Fletcher spoke at the church again this month and found a body of people who are enthusiastic about their community and working to change the future for real people who're facing real challenges.

The church, under the leadership of Pastor Paul Scanlon, is well known in parts of Britain and Europe for its presentational skills - particularly its music, preaching and conference events. However, the core of the church's vision is very much built around community care.

One expression of this is the extensive weekly free bus service, run by the church to help people gain access to church services.

The church is currently building a major new extension to its building facility, which incorporates areas for leadership training and community outreach. The church's main meeting centre is now a popular venue for large business conferences and the like.

During his short visit, Mal also lectured in the Abundant Life Leadership Academy, which attracts people from across Europe and beyond.

After the visit, Mal said: 'I was in this church just 6 months or so ago and it has clearly already grown. What is pleasing is to see the development of senior leadership which has come more to the fore, and the great enthusiasm of people for teaching on our culture and how it can be impacted for Christ.'

For more on Abundant Life and its various events and extension ministries, visit

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Thanks for your great encouragements and teaching. I read Daily Recharge daily & it helps me to focus & learn about God's heart even more. You touch many people's heart with the Word of God.
Andrea, Australia

Re Mal on BBC Breakfast: great stuff as usual Mal. I was amazed to hear your neutral, reasoned comments.
cybersethxp (via YouTube), UK

Mal, you have changed my life. Since you spoke at Get Smart Youth Conference in Wellington, in 2003, I have never been the same. I still have the tape & my heart & head are still coming to grips with what you said. The pioneer spirit. I LOVE IT!! Thank you so so so so much!
Kieran, New Zealand

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