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The Power, the Passion, the Purpose! That was the title of a conference hosted by Cottonwood Christian Centre but it also sums up the heart of this great church.

Cottonwood is a fast-growing church situated in Los Alamitos, south of L.A. Pastor Bayless Conley leads a creative team who are dedicated to building a contemporary church with a strong Bible base.

The church numbers over 5000, with strong teaching and media facilities and a thriving children's work among its strongest features.

The conference drew together several thousand people from across the area -- as well as pastors and leaders from much further afield.

Speakers included Jack Hanes, Mal Fletcher, Ray Bevan, Wayne Meyers and Tom Messner.

Bayless Conley is known in the USA and parts of Europe for his Sunday morning teaching broadcasts on NBC and MSNBC.

Prior to the conference, Bayless and a team had spent a week on an intensive preaching tour of Germany, bringing people from across many regions where the TV broadcasts are popular. The results were very significant, especially for Germany.

Mal adds: "Partners, please pray for this remarkable church as they continue to build a great name for the Lord, both in the USA and in Europe. I feel a real heart link to this church."


What do you get when you bring together hungry students and leaders from different corners of the globe, with a hunger for mission, evangelism and church planting?

You get the Jerry Savelle Ministries International (JSMI) training college in Texas. Mal Fletcher spoke to the entire student body on his second visit to this great school outside Dallas-Fort Worth, late last year.

Dr. Savelle has long enjoyed an international reputation for quality teaching and personal integrity in leadership and his desire for church planting and evangelism lives on in the focus of the school.

Mal says, "Once again, I was impressed with the desire of these students -- people of all ages -- and with their willingness to be challenged and provoked to thought. This is a quality school with a true missions passion."
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Mal, you've totally inspired me to be more active about the media world I'm in. I'm trying to find more ways to use my media skills to help people meet God. It's people like you that have been the spark to start this explosion. Thank you, I'm in ranks with you...
Isaac, United Kingdom

I really appreciate this ministry! I think you are a very important tool in the world today & for Christians. I'm so encouraged by the teaching!!
Jonas Päivärinta

I often check out your recommended reading section, which includes some excellent books. There's a new title which I highly recommend: 'Simply Christian' by N.T. (Tom) Wright (Bishop of Durham)...
Ann, Australia

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