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Target Locked - Trondheim

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It was a wintery night in downtown Trondheim, with snow covering the roads.

But inside the Culture House, there was a lot of body heat -- not to mention tangible excitement in the air.

Youth Alive Trondheim sponsored the 'Target Locked' event, which brought together the city's own Youth Alive Band and the speaking talents of Mal Fletcher.

The Youth Alive Band were exceptional, playing original versions of major international hits from the contemporary worship scene.

Odd-Arve Roed, leader of Youth Alive (and no mean guitarist himself!) heads a team of dedicated youth and young adult workers who are not content to see the younger gen of their city written off as hopeless or without faith!

"There are many pictures people have of God," Mal Fletcher at the opening of his in-your-face talk. "But there's only one that fits the facts of history -- and the facts of your life."

This graphic little speech, which was part comedy, part drama and all passion, pointed the audience to a God they may have thought didn't exist -- One who cares for the intimate details of their lives.

Afterwards many people were prayed with and many made the decision to follow Christ.

It was a great night. Youth Alive has come a long way in Trondheim in a very short time, and this team are building something which is fast becoming one of the hottest things on the Christian youth scene in Norway.

In May, Next W@ve International will host a European Leadership Master Class 'Leadership Now' for five days in this, the third largest city in Norway. Click on the banner advert for more.

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Having heard Mal speak at Hillsong Australia, I paid your websites a visit. I find your EDGES programs inspiring and educational. Thanks.
Anon, Australia

For Mal Fletcher: thank you kindly for the nice words about my book, "No Time To Think: The Menace of Media Speed and the 24-hour News Cycle". Glad you enjoyed it and felt a need to comment on it.
Charles, United States

Mal, it was good to see you at Christian Broadcasters Conference 07. You have an insight & perspective that's extremely helpful as the UK Christian Broadcasting industry slowly grows up & matures.
Tim, United Kingdom

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