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LIFT Event for Emerging Leaders

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One of the greatest spiritual challenges facing Europe today is of raising up powerful Christian leaders from and for the emerging generations.

One leader who is committed to that goal is pastor Steve Gambill of Abundant Life Church in Bradford, England.

Steve is the pioneer and director of the RockNations Festival which is held each summer. Alongside this, he has launched the LIFT leadership event, held in February.

This year, Mal Fletcher was the featured speaker at LIFT, after his visit to RockNations in 2006.

The LIFT organisers were pleasantly surprised by the response, with more than 300 leaders attending from across the UK, Europe and even further abroad.

‘We’re excited by the response to LIFT this year,’ said Steve. ‘This is only the event’s third year and it’s obviously meeting a real need. We’re certainly really pleased to have Mal in the house!’

Mal taught on leadership that carries the future in its hands, and how young leaders can help the emerging generation to overcome their Babylon. The very intensive sessions, based around the lives of the prophets Moses and Daniel, touched on issues such as family breakdown, divine health and healing, changing worldviews and developing a truly godly spirituality.

You will shortly be able to hear the full sessions on this site.

For more on the work of Steve Gambill and his team, visit the RockNations website.

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