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NWI: Churches Make Statement

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A unique summit of church network and ministry leaders from 10 European nations was held recently in London.

The Strategic Leadership Consultation, hosted by Next Wave International, studied how the ‘new churches’ of Europe might engage more closely with the processes of government nd civic leadership.

The following Statement of Intent was published at the conclusion of the two days of discussion. It outlines the principles church network leaders are committed to putting into practice within their European cities and nations:

"As leaders of European church networks / ministries, we affirm that we will:

1. Build churches and ministries which look to shape the future of cities today.

2. Work to create a better future for all the people in our cities and communities.

3. Build churches and ministries which, if they were not present, would be missed by their communities.

4. Encourage in Christian leaders a passion to bless the city and not just the church and to provide leadership for the city.

5. Pray for those in government and civic leadership.

6. Help political leaders to find pragmatic solutions to community problems.

7. Develop agendas of care for our cities and towns, promoting acts of kindness.

8. Promote what we stand for in the community, not simply what we stand against.

9. Bring people together, building inclusive alliances to solve community problems, while maintaining the core elements of our faith.

10. Develop leaders who are as comfortable in the community as they are in the church.

11. Work to gain the trust of politicians and other civic leaders, by establishing a positive track record for solving problems.

12. Equip and support people from within our churches who are called to work in the political sphere.

13. Offer a voice of moral conscience for our cities and nations – in a positive, respectful and engaging way.

14. Pursue constructive influence, through intimacy (with God) alongside involvement (with the community)."

Click here to read the full report on the consultation.

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