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NOTE: This TV series is still in development and will feature interviews with Dr Tom Sine, Dr Tony Campolo and others, alongside those previewed on this page.

This page is for preview purposes only. The full, finished graphics have not yet been added to the programmes.

TV Interview

Engaging Society's Future Today

Watch Mal Fletcher's challenging interview with renowned (and sometimes controversial) Christian activist, social campaigner & leader Steve Chalke, MBE. How might Christians best respond to the problems of post-modern society? How involved should Christians become in the political scene?

Watch now: Click here. (WMV streaming video format - 37 mins)

TV Interview

The Generations They Are A Changing

Watch Mal Fletcher's thought-provoking interview with renowned author, theologian and cultural commentator Winkie Pratney. What are the special challenges facing each of the major generations of our time? In particular, how will the young reshape the world?

Watch now: High or Low quality. (WMV streaming video format - 30 mins)

TV Interview

The World Of 2020

Watch Mal Fletcher's intriguing interview with Dr. Patrick Dixon, Europe's leading futurist. What does the future hold for the internet? What is a futurist and why should we listen to them? Should we fear new technologies?

Watch now: High or Low quality version
(WMV streaming video format -- 30 mins.)

Special Feature

Trailer From NEW Series of
'EDGES w/ Mal Fletcher'

Watch this special preview from the new 10-part series of 'EDGES with Mal Fletcher' documentaries. This trailer is taken from the programme on 'The Human Face of HIV/AIDS'. For more 'EDGES', visit

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A great article on 'Hybrid Stem Cell Research'! It is not only highly relevant to current research but also shows how just a little initial compromise will eventually cause an unstoppable downslide in ethical standards with irreversible outcomes.
Ann, Australia

I've just been browsing this site for the first time & am feeling very blessed to have such valuable resource at my fingertips. If you need any help with editing, I'd love to assist by correspondence.
Emily, Australia

I'm in the British Army and a very strong practicing Christian. Everything inside me is screaming ... we are now having to have multi-faith prayer rooms. Where will it end?
Dawn, United Kingdom

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