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Mal Fletcher Radio Spots 2010


2010 PACKAGE #2

LATEST Release November 2010: 22 x 60 second audio spots.

2010 PACKAGE #1

Released January 2010: 35 x 30 & 60 second audio spots.


Mal Fletcher's Radio Spots are high quality 30 and 60 second audio spots presenting positive responses to the problems and questions of modern life. They are used extensively by radio programmers in the UK, Europe, Australia & the USA.

Each spot combines challenging and thought-provoking material with the highest production values. The spots are presented by Mal Fletcher, one of Europe's leading social commentators and an internationally respected speaker, author and broadcaster.

Mal's extensive incisive style and years of media experience combine to put across a message that will inspire your audience. They will thank you for providing this unique material!

Each audio file is given a title, to help you in your programming. Some messages are overtly Christian while others are designed to speak to a more general audience (marked 'C' & 'G' accordingly). Both sets can be played interchangeably.


2010 PACKAGE #2 (Released November 2010):

2010 PACKAGE #1 (Released January 2010):

(Note: streamed samples are substantially lower in quality than full downloadable files)


Once downloaded, these spots may be broadcast as many times as you wish on your individual station. However, they are covered by copyright & cannot be sold, copied, distributed, shared across a radio network, or edited in any way without written permission from Next Wave International.


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PACKAGE #2 - NOV. 2010 - 20 GBP

PACKAGE #1 - JAN. 2010 - 35 GBP | | | |

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