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10 January 2013

We are proud to announce the release of FASCINATING TIMES: A Social Commentary, the new book by Mal Fletcher.

The book is available on the Amazon Kindle platform in most regions of the world.

Access it in your region via Amazon Kindle or through the publisher's website:

(Don't own a Kindle? No problem - you can download the book for almost ANY digital device using FREE software: click here.)

The human impact of new technologies and shifting medical ethics, the long-term effects of recession, the future of media and the press, the changing face of consumerism, the future shape of marriage and the family.

These are just a few of the major issues I've addressed in the book, which explores their likely future impact on social ethics. You can read a sample, and see the contents list, at the Amazon site.

FASCINATING TIMES is an anthology of editorials and articles written over a five-year period and is published by 2020Plus. The book also features some great extra resources:

  • Extended Bibliography and Further Reading Guide
  • Group Discussion and Personal Study Guide
  • Media Resources Section (linked to an exclusive list of online media resources)
  • These guides alone are a great reason to buy the book! (It's a great Christmas present for that fellow thinker, too!)

    Be among the first to read FASCINATING TIMES. We'd love to have you review it on Amazon, or to send us your feedback via:

    Enjoy the book!

    (The movie trailer was produced by film-maker Grant M. Fletcher).

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