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Hillsong London Continues to Grow!

31 October 2005

Hillsong London has recently become, for many people, a model for a new kind of church to suit the urban centres of the new millennium.

Pastor Gary and Cathy Clarke and their dedicated and gifted team have established a work which, in just four years, has grown from a few hundred in number to just under 6000.

Mal Fletcher preached for the church again recently. During the weekend more than 180 people made first time commitments to Christ, between the meetings in Paris and London.

Mal and Davina have had a long association with Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston, the founders of the original Hillsong Church in Sydney and leaders of the Hillsong network which is establishing a strong base in Europe.

After the four meetings at Hillsong London – three in the Dominion Theatre, home of the musical ‘We Will Rock You’ – Mal said, ‘I love this church. What an awesome example of a truly generational church.’

‘I love the fact that it is run, for the most part, by Gen-X leaders. They’re redefining what this incredibly resourceful and pragmatic generation can do when it pursues a huge vision with strong faith, determination to succeed whatever the cost and strategic, process-thinking.’

‘So many of the qualities I’ve talked about in the book “The Future Is X” are on show in this amazing church – and many more. I have great respect for what Gary and Cathy and the team are doing. They're proving that this generation loves church -- when it sees church done a certain way.’

‘In fact, Davina and I like the church so much we made it our home church when we moved the base to London a year ago.’

‘If you’re ever in London on Sunday,’ Mal adds, ‘forget the tourist stuff – get down to Hillsong Church!’

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