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Daily Recharge
Mal Fletcher

Maximising God's Investment in You

26 April 2018

Matthew 25:14: 'For [the Kingdom of God] is like a man who was about to take a long journey, and he called his servants together and entrusted them with his property.' (NIV)

If you read this passage of the Bible all the way through, you'll find that it is all about increase. It's about God's servants doing all they can to maximize the gifts he has invested in them. God has given you and me abilities that he expects us to turn into influence. The capacity to do certain things well is something we've each inherited at birth. We have come into this world with innate abilities, and these have been developed through our upbringing, education and experience of life. Our task is to further develop those abilities and stretch those capacities, enlarging them so that we can see the maximum increase in the lives of others, for the greater glory of God. God has already placed within each of us all that we need to prosper and do well in life. Even if you have had a tough past, or you're facing some great challenges in the present, you can rest assured that there is a seed of God's greatness within you, one that you can nurture through right living, faithful service and bold, risk-taking faith action. Because you were built to increase, you will never be happy with a maintenance lifestyle. You will never be fulfilled if you simply bury what God has given you, preferring to hide it away because of fear -- of loss, of rejection or of failure. Many people settle for the 'not-so-bad' rather than going for the 'absolute best', simply because they're afraid to go for their full destiny. To live a fulfilled life will require that you take any risk and face any challenge necessary to maximizing the abilities God has given you. It's the only way to live!

Prayer: 'Lord, help me today to maximize the gifts, abilities and capacities God has invested in me. Help me to identify opportunities to sow the seed he's placed within me, for the good of others and the growth of his Kingdom.'

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