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GOD TV Guide Interview: Mal Fletcher

GOD TV Guide
Added 01 October 2003
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In this, the first in a series of interviews with key Christian leaders featured on GOD TV, Evangelist Mal Fletcher of Next Wave International shares about his programme, 'Edges', which presents positive Christian responses to cutting edge issues.

GOD TV Guide: 'Edges with Mal Fletcher' is one of GOD TV's longest running programmes, currently in its fifth series. What is it all about, and why is it so popular?

Mal Fletcher: Yes, we are very grateful for the partnership we have with GOD TV as it is one of the first networks where 'Edges' was broadcast, in fact we have been on the GOD Channel pretty much from the time it started.
The whole idea behind the programme is to present Christianity as relevant to our daily lives, in such a way that even non Christians re-consider the claims of Jesus Christ. We start out by looking at social issues and asking, "What would an ancient book like the Bible have to say about this?" Then, without preaching - we provide a biblical world-view on that particular issue. As a result both believers and unbelievers enjoy the programme.

GOD TV Guide: Who is it aimed at?

Mal Fletcher: It is targeted at 'Generation X' - people in their 20s to late 30s. We also get response outside the age group of course, but that's where we are really aiming! Shot on location in different cities of Europe, it is a very international programme, with a European look.

GOD TV Guide: So would it be just as relevant to our viewers in India, where more than 12 million homes can now watch the GOD Channel on cable?

Mal Fletcher: Any country in the world that is influenced by western technology, media and values, which India is, is certainly going to be impacted by the programme. We receive viewer response from all kinds of interesting places including Russia and the Baltic states.

GOD TV Guide: The Internet plays a key role in your 'Edges' programming…

Mal Fletcher: Yes we have a fantastic web site, This newly launched site has transcripts and clips of the programmes, as well as some useful research materials. We use the internet extensively for our follow up.

GOD TV Guide: How would you sum up your ministry?

Mal Fletcher: Next Wave International is a mission to the contemporary cultures of Europe. We focus on three things:

  • Media - because we believe God wants to speak where people listen;
  • Leadership - because we are not going to really change cultures until we have leaders who think in a contemporary way and are able to build churches that are ahead of the times and not behind the times; and
  • Generations - bridging the gap between 'Boomers', 'Generation X' and 'Generation Next'.

GOD TV Guide: What is the Lord telling you at present, for this day and age?

Mal Fletcher: It depends where you are in the world, as God often gives an apostolic word for a specific place - but for Europe, right now, there is a chronic cry from the heart of God for pioneers. There needs to be another release of the David Livingstones and John Wesleys. That pioneer influence is still here, but we have to re-dig the wells like Isaac did and reclaim that inheritance. We need to see more pioneers, risk-takers for the Gospel in Europe.

GOD TV Guide: In fact pioneering is the subject of your new book?

Mal Fletcher: Yes 'The Pioneer Spirit' is my latest book in a series entitled 'Making God Famous'. If you study the Bible you will see that the primary reason God calls any people to Himself is to make His name great and if we get that right, everything else falls into place. When we evangelise, we make God's name great. "Herein is my Father glorified, that you bare much fruit." When we pray, we make God's name great… "Our Father who is in heaven, hallowed, honoured, lifted above average be your name." As Christians, our primary call is to challenge the world-view of our time, which is what 'Edges' does, and "to make God famous".

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This interview originally appeared in the GOD TV Guide.
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I am a youth pastor in Poland. I discovered you about two months ago & I am very encouraged by your ministry. I like your wisdom & sound opinions. You are my hero even though I've never seen you and you don`t know me.
Slawek, Poland

I love your programme EDGES on Finland's TV7. It is the best TV programme for young people. Thank you!
Johanna, Finland

The strength of EDGES is that it explains it's argument in logical steps without the usual emotive language. If all the logical steps are present and correct, it is difficult to disagree with the point being made whether you are a Christian or not. You give a balanced argument.
Ben, United Kingdom

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